It’s Opposite Day

Well, shitballs, here we go! Pre-tty, pre-tty close, but Larry David couldn’t push Obama over the top. Not yet, at least. I barely pay attention to the punditry that precedes these things, but man, are they wrong every time or what? The polls, the media, the blather. Everything is so final: Hillary is Inevitable! (Obama wins.) Obama is The Man! (Hillary wins.) Hillary is Inevitable Again!

Just let it happen. Enough with the predictions and drama. These storylines are ridiculous. Still glad I’m without cable. “Oh, wait, tell me, I need to know, what does Bill O’Reilly think? Has Sean Hannity made his thoughts known on the primaries? You know, I really give a shit about what that nice fellow in the bow tie, Tucker, has to say!”

Next thing you know, Kristol will be writing for the New York Times. D’oh!

One thing’s for sure, whatever these guys say, count on the opposite. For what it’s worth, I saw the thing with Hillary crying, and it seemed genuine to me. I wouldn’t change my vote because of it, but I thought it was the most real thing I’ve seen her do so far. I’m surprised they all don’t break down and cry after all of this garbage.


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