It’s Gonna Happen!

There’s an article in the Sun-Times today about a guy who rushed the mound at Wrigley twelve years ago, and now is making amends with a t-shirt slogan campaign, “It’s Gonna Happen.” This may be only interesting to those who know me well, or grew up where I grew up, but I know this guy and went to school with his brother, who was shot and killed in our senior year of high school (they were twins). In fact, I saw his brother that night at a party and was woken up the next morning by my dad asking me if I knew who this person was; he had heard the news on the radio. Very weird. He looked just like Jim McMahon (1985) and was probably–no, certainly–a bully to some, but not me for some reason. He bullied the wrong person that night, and was shot in self-defense by a guy in Oak Park (not a student).

Anyway, that was a long time ago, and so despite last night’s shellacking, the Cubs are gearing up to take over first any day now, and yes, I think it’s possible, it might be, it could be…It’s Gonna Happen!


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