Libby Libby Libby

Libby takes the fall. Who’s next? Logic says Cheney, but that and Reason never seem to have much place in this awful Bush Era. Forget that he should be impeached and tried for war crimes, Dick Cheney owes it to America to go away, now. Our most likely scenario is to watch this unfold slow and sad like it has for six-plus years, and know that it will change soon enough. There’s some pleasure to be had in all that, I suppose, but a resignation would seem appropriate at this time:

His health is rough; he has been the most disastrous vice-president in history; he has lost two wars; he has lost every ally; he is despised in much of the country; he is now going to be the center of all the questions that the Libby guilty verdict raise. Why did he get so exercized about a two-bit critic during a critical time in the Iraq war? Why would he risk losing his most trusted aide by coordinating a media sting on a minor political opponent? Why would he risk committing a crime to pursue Wilson unless he had something very serious to hide? He will now have to answer many questions – either before the press or before the Senate.

Andrew Sullivan

The really fun part now is watching the right-wing nuts sputter and stammer with indignation. But, you know, fuck them and their whole apologetic agenda, I have no interest in hearing it any more than I do Ann Coulter yelling “faggot” in a crowded room. What a sorry bunch. They can have each other. Yes, the days of blowjob politics are long gone. Now we have something important and real and worthy of conviction. Cuff ’em and take ’em out, one by one.

The Bush administration has no good options for how to respond to this conviction politically. The seriousness of the charges is manifest. Libby was accused, and now found guilty of, obstructing justice in connection with an FBI investigation into the disclosure of a covert CIA operative. Unlike, say, defenders of Bill Clinton during his perjury impeachment trial in the Senate, the administration cannot plausibly make the claim — though its proxies in the conservative blogosphere continue to do so — that the underlying investigation that Libby obstructed was not serious. And the endless parade of emphatic speeches delivered by top Republicans about the Seriousness of Perjury during the Clinton impeachment proceedings somewhat hamstrings the ability of Republicans to be dismissive of the importance of these crimes.

Glenn Greenwald,


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