I See Your Hair Is Burning

Hills are filled with fire . . . I’ve been looking at the maps of California showing where the fires are at and trying to find Oak Canyon. Back in . . . 2000? 2001? (whoa, just looked it up and it was July 4th weekend, 1999!) we went out to San Francisco for a show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley and then drove down to Orange County for another show out in Oak Canyon, somewhere outside of Irvine. The shows became legendary for the Sonic Youth theft–they had their gear stolen somewhere between the two shows and had to play with borrowed guitars in Oak Canyon. As far as I know, we were never considered suspects. Also on the bill for those shows were Sleater-Kinney, Guided By Voices, Mike Watt, Sunny Day Real Estate, At The Drive-In, and Superchunk. Just found a review here.

Anyway, it doesn’t look so good for Oak Canyon, the fires seem pretty close. Motel money murder madness/Let’s change the mood from glad to sadness.


Speaking of Superchunk, Mac McCaughan testified about radio deregulation on the Hill yesterday. Good man, good cause.


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