I Often Wish for Half-Stars

I watched “The Dark Knight” this weekend, and while I liked it I have some annoyances that kept me from really enjoying it. First, the voice. What’s with Batman’s voice? The low raspy whisper? It got goofier and more unintelligible as the movie went on, and by the end I was like “Come on!”

The other thing was the coin flipping. How many times can you go to that well before it just becomes silly? Harvey Dent was flipping that coin to decide whether he had to take a dump! Hmmm, heads I hold it, tails I set it free! His whole life was left to chance. That was just silly.

Heath Ledger was good, but I’m not sure that he gets the great acclaim if he doesn’t die. Maybe too much hype, I don’t know, but I didn’t watch it and think I was seeing an Oscar-winning performance. Good, not great.

Ultimately, I gave it four stars (out of five) on my Netflix rating, but as is often the case, I wish I could give it three and a half if they allowed for it.

I also re-watched “There Will Be Blood” this weekend and on second viewing I changed my rating from four stars to five. What a great movie. Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance is one of the best of all-time. Awesome.


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