How Would a Patriot Act?

I haven’t watched many of these debates, as most of them are on cable tv, but last night’s happened to be on the free tv, so I opened a Tecate and settled in.

Man, was that a mistake. You can read about how the media focuses on stupid unimportant things instead of real issues, but to see it in action in front of a national audience was just downright pathetic. The first hour of this debate consisted of all the petty shit that Mr. Obama, for one, has been trying to rise above, and indeed, he repeatedly attempted to talk about the real issues.

But they were interested in the flag pin.

The fucking flag pin! Are you or have you ever been a patriot, Mr. Obama? Because your failure to wear this pin at all times has unfortunately forced this issue, and the American people need to know.

Talk about hornswaggled and gob-smacked, I really couldn’t believe what I was watching. I usually like George Stephanopoulos on his Sunday show, but how can you ask a question like “Does Jeremiah Wright love America as much as you?” Really? Are you sure that’s what you want to ask? Is that what we need to know before we decide who to vote for?

Obama was off, looking real tired, and Clinton was her usual robotic self, but it hardly mattered. Obama tried to remain above the fray and Clinton jumped right in it; she loves the muck. Isn’t Obama’s entire campaign about getting past all this and focusing on fixing what’s wrong? It seems as if he’s the only one who really wants that; the rest just want to play silly politics games. This is how you get cynical.

For what it’s worth, I liked Hillary Clinton even less after watching her last night. Her answers were smug and obviously full of shit, and you could see that it just killed her to have to admit that Obama could win against McCain. She is out to destroy. Here’s to (audaciously) hoping Obama kills off that kind of politics, along with her candidacy. Can’t happen soon enough.

Glenn Greenwald writes lengthy screeds about this day after day, and even wrote an entire book that just came out, and yet…it’s like they think no one notices. As GG writes today, even the nuts at The Corner noticed and thought it was a huge victory for…John McCain.

What a sad display. Will we ever rise above all the bullshit?


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