Hipper Than Thou

That’s me, because I will be at Pitchfork with the rest of the coolest people in the world, snubbing our noses at the fools on the “outside.” OK, I’m kidding, this whole hipster thing is getting a little out of control. It’s always about the music, and that’s why I’ll be there. I’ve never worn the right uniform to fit into anybody’s clique, so I’m not about to start giving a shit now. Fuck you, indie rock, and you too, arena rock!

Tonight is the all-powerful and ever-lasting Sonic Youth, and this will be awesome, because it always is, and because they are, and because I said so. Performing “Daydream Nation” in its entirety, well, this is what church must be like for the faithful, but with more wine and bread and less preaching.

Why is it that I can’t find a link to this fest on the Pitchfork web site? They’re so cool they don’t even need to promote! It is sold out, but I am trying to find the schedule…christ, I just had to google to get it! OK, so, you know what? Forget it. Report to come after, on Monday or something. Here’s the link though.

Oh, but there is one band I am exited and curious to see: Deerhunter. Sounds like some wacky shit is going down with this band. I like that. Oh, and Yoko Ono could be…interesting. Oh, and I wish these guys were playing.


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