Hey Mr. Sunshine

One last thing on this and then I’m done: I took a look to see how The Nuts were reacting to the indictment of a Democratic governor and I see this from my old friend Victor Davis Hanson:

With the indictment of the Democratic Governor and his purported interest in Mr. Rezko, I think Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is just about on the verge of losing his near mythic status among the Washington-New York media.

What Mr. Hanson is trying to say is that Fitzgerald was a hero to the Liberal Media when he was going after Scooter Libby, but now, going after a Democrat…what? Is Fitz suddenly a hack?

This just furthers the dumb-assed-ness of Hanson. See, instead of jumping to defend Blago and insist that this is a case of media bias or some other such blather, I think you’ll find that on the Left side of things (in “reality”) we encourage corruption’s demise. We want Fitzgerald to do his job, just as we did with Libby and the Valerie Plame leak (I’ll stop with the royal “we” and leave it at me and I).

Hanson equates the media with the Left, so I’m pretty sure he thinks that there will be soft coverage of our poor governor and he will be given the benefit of the doubt. But here in Illinois, Blagojevich has been rewarded with staggering unpopularity and may yet get a jail sentence. We send Democrats and Republicans to jail here!

I know that this is hard to comprehend, after years of defending the Bush criminals and warlords, but Hanson is obviously just projecting his own manic defense mechanism onto the fabricated liberal media. There’s no denial of this side of the fence. Blago is a dumbass. Just like Hanson!


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