He’s Money, Baby

A reminder of why it pays to not pay attention to pundits–especially right-wing goofs like Byron York. York tried oh-so-very-hard to read between the lines to find any cracks in Obama’s armor, i.e., his ability to raise money in this column from yesterday.

It would seem that the last thing Obama has to worry about is money. But his fundraising has, in fact, been on a downward trend since the early primaries. February, when Obama took in $55 million, was his biggest month ever. In March, he raised $40 million. In April, he raised $31 million. In May, it was $22 million. That’s why the June numbers are important. Has Obama rebounded with another big fundraising month? Or is he still below those record-breaking hauls of a few months ago?

Wishful thinking. Obama’s June numbers? $52 million. McCain, who you may know as the Republican challenger, raised $22 million.

As for all the other stuff that passes as news during this long hot summer, I will say that, for the record, I thought the New Yorker cover was funny, Jesse Jackson is an idiot, and Bill Kristol remains wrong about anything that comes out of his mouth. Did I miss anything? OK, turn off the TV.


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