Give a Necrophiliac a Break

Enough with The Mormon. Let’s move back to The Christian. What was that movie? I Fart Huckabee? I forget the title, but anyway, I digress. Mike Huckabee. Wow, man, this guy is a real wackjob!

Abortion, environmentalism, AIDS, pornography, drug abuse, and homosexual activism have fragmented and polarized our communities . . . It is now difficult to keep track of the vast array of publicly endorsed and institutionally supported aberrations—from homosexuality and pedophilia to sadomasochism and necrophilia.

Those words come from a book he wrote way back in…1998. Kind of weird to have homosexuality and…environmentalism (?) in there with necrophilia, but hey, whatever, that’s just how The Huck rolls. Thankfully, he clarified his words today, or, his campaign researcher, Joe Carter did:

“He considers homosexuality aberrant, but that’s at one end of the spectrum. Necrophilia is at the other end. No way is he saying that homosexuality is like having sex with dead people. That’s not it at all.”

Well, thanks for clearing that up! We already know that he thought (thinks?) AIDS patients should be quarantined, and that women should graciously submit to their menfolk like the good Lord intended, but this is a whole other level of social conservatism–the kind that wins votes from a very select and important group. You guessed it: the Religious Wrong!

These guys are tripping over themselves trying to out-god each other in the GOP race, and I must say, it’s fun and funny to watch here in the secular world of booze and necrophilia. Mike Huckabee, you’re a winner in my book! Or at least, I hope so!


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