Get MaM Back in the Van!

You may have heard about an incident regarding the band van for Milk at Midnight this past summer. The full story is up over at the website and at myspace, but the pictures have yet to be shown to a national audience (sorry, international). So here, for the first time, are the pictures I refused to sell to People mag for untold millions, out of respect for the vehicle formerly known as The MaM Van. Unfortunately, after these were taken the van was fire-bombed and I do not have any documents of that. I was going to take pictures of the burnt-out wreckage in the morning but in the brief window of my 2 hour sleep that night they came and towed it away. So just imagine all this but much blacker (how much blacker is the question, and the answer is, well, none blacker).




The only window that did not completely get smashed was the front windshield, but it still had three big holes in it. I originally thought these were bullet holes when I went out there, as that’s what this sounded like from inside. The damage that you see here took about one minute to do, tops.


Anyway, enough of that. Next Wednesday we are having a memorial/party/fundraiser over at The Pontiac, 1531 N. Damen Ave., and we’ll see if we can scrape up some cash to get another van. Come on out and show some love!

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