Fun with Right-Wingers

“What I find interesting, and grotesque, is the assumption that millions of Americans can be easily duped into murdering their fellow Americans.”

That’s Jonah Goldberg, complete right-wing tool of the National Review who often writes things and then backtracks on them, trying to explain what he meant. He has to do that because he often makes no sense. The statement above is a reference to a Bette Midler comment–yeah, he’s really digging deep here–about Glenn Beck. Holy shit! Bette Midler said something about Glenn Beck?!? Yeah, she thinks Beck is scary and compares him to Rwandan genocide instigators, or something. Silly. Stupid. But he doesn’t see the irony? Or the signs at the tea parties? So I wrote to him, quoting back his words above. Then:

Me: You may want to tell that to the teabaggin’ folks who fear that Obama is the second coming of Hitler. That’s Beck’s crowd, yes?

Jonah’s response was a link to his Liberal Fascism blog. Ugh. Talk about ponderous. And disingenuous. “While the stench of eugenics and euthanasia do not quite sting the nostrils yet…” goes one deep thought. Guy wrote a whole book about how liberals are the real fascists, not conservatives. Or something. You can read what he sent to me right here: Liberal Fascism

After wading through the muck, I responded: “so that’s a concession, right?”

Goldberg: “Well, it’s an admission that anyone who thinks Obama is the next hitler is wrong, as I’ve said before.”

Me: So when does your book “Conservative Fascism” come out?

And that’s where the conversation ended.


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