From Downtown…Yes!

Old John Kass, he of the Chicago Tribune, complains about the media’s perception of McCain, that “liberal bias” that paints him as “old and grumpy.” I dare you to find his past columns in which he complains of the media portrayal of John Kerry or Al Gore as a windsurfing northeastern elitist and heavy-sighing internet inventor, respectively. “It’s because they’re true!” he’ll say.

Well, guess what? McCain is old and grumpy, and he smiles awkwardly at all the wrong times.

But who cares? I want to know about the part of his column in which he relates that Obama “sank that three-point shot in front of American troops and hit nothing but net.”

Who needs foreign policy expertise when you’re so cool, you risk a three-point shot and make it on camera?

Did he really? That’s awesome! The election is sealed.


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