While the Cubs make this a slow, painful drawn-out clinching party…wait, hold everything! I’m listening to this dreary game, 6-2 Brewers in the ninth and suddenly, a hit here, a run there, and then Geovany Soto just tied it up with a three-run dinger! We go into extras! Stop the presses, this one isn’t over yet!

I was barely paying attention, there were two outs in the bottom of the ninth when it all started, and now we’re in extras. Unbelievable. Come on, let’s get this thing down to two! Marmol and Wood have struck out five of the last six guys, now it’s time to end it. Here’s Lee to lead off the 11th. Strikeout. Ramirez. Come on! He draws a walk. Here comes Edmonds, who already cranked one out today. What? He’s been ejected! I don’t have TV on this one, only radio, so I don’t know what’s going on. Sounds like a real travesty! Santo insists it was outside, so I gotta go with him on that one. Ronny wouldn’t lie!

Felix “My” Pie takes over his at-bat and hits into a fielder’s choice. Man on first, two outs now, DeRosa up, singles and Pie goes to third, Soto up! Here. We. Go! Aaaaaah, out to deep right center and we go to 12 innings. Whew! Wood gets out of a jam! That was close! To the bottom of the 12th. There’s been a lot of sports on here lately, how ’bout a quick jab at John McCain, just for shits and giggles? I hear he’s had a bad week. Please. He had a couple of good weeks off the convention, mostly ‘cuz of that chick–whatshername? The rest has all been bad. And now it’s headed right back there, the way it should be. I’ll say it again: this shouldn’t be close.

Meanwhile we’ve got a man on in the 12th. Bunt, man to second. They walk Fonzie. Theriot up–that’s “The Riot” to you and me–and winning run at second. Fly out deep, two outs, men on second and third. It’s up to DLee. Cubs Win! Lee hits a single and knocks him home! Cubs Win! Magic number is down to two! Wow. That was unbelievable. Alright, that sets up a weekend party situation with the clincher hopefully coming on Saturday afternoon. Owoooooo!!


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