FOBC to the DC; Op-Ed in the CT

Check out FOBC (Friend of the Booze Cabinet) Kip Rainey, of the acoustic Americana band Tangleweed, who writes an op-ed in today’s Chicago Tribune about web radio, and the efforts to kill it by excessive royalty rates. Kip actually went to D.C. and testified before Congress not too long ago, braving the sick stench of corruption of that town just to be heard. As independent musicians, we should all be glad someone’s out there doing that dirty work. Nice job, Kip.

The reality is if our representatives in Congress allow these new royalty rates to go into effect — and it’s within Congress’ power to decide — it’ll make it far harder for independent artists like us to make it. Worse for those of us who are also music fans, online radio will start to sound a whole lot more like broadcast radio. Millions of people whose musical tastes aren’t served by broadcast radio will be left without an alternative.


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