Flying the Friendly Skies


There were no sad tales of transit travel this time around (we flew Midway this time to FL, O’Hare last time to CO). We got lucky with the weather and only suffered an hour or so delay on the flight out, so we sat and drank at a bar in Midway and ate Gold Coast Dogs.

Southwest treated us right, though: free drinks for everyone! And not just one, either; we had a serious party plane going on the way out to Florida, I could’ve swore I saw people lighting up and footballs being tossed around! The stewardesses passed a bong around and went topless. It was like the good old days–Airport ’77. Burt Reynolds. Dom DeLuise. Hooper. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail.

Cheers to Southwest. Now that’s taking responsibility for your actions (hint, hint, American Airlines!).

Also, we took a cab home Sunday night. That’s one way to beat the CTA. Correction: the only way.


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