First Thoughts On a Crisp Morning

I feel slightly bad for George Ryan today, mostly because watching a 73 year-old man go to prison is an ugly sight, but I guarantee I will not feel the same when Donald Rumsfeld is cuffed and taken away. No, he doesn’t deserve to be waterboarded (no one does) but most everything else, yeah, sure, why not?

Pat Robertson has endorsed . . . Rudy for Prez! This strikes me as funny. The thrice-divorced ex-mayor of blue New York City who supports gay rights and abortion rights has won over the Religious Wrong. It’s not about principles or morals or values; it’s about power, and keeping it! Not really a surprise there.

Why are Republican men still so infatuated with Bill Clinton’s penis? You know they are. And they can’t wait for Hillary to become President so they put Bill’s member back in their . . . sights. Everything feels so inevitable right now, it’s quite sad. We are doomed to repeat ourselves, I fear.


An even funnier bit of irony to the Pat Robertson endorsement: America deserved 9/11. Now vote for Rudy! I get confused as to who said what–these Religious Wrong guys all say the same shit–but yes, it was Robertson and fellow nut Jerry Falwell (he’s dead now, right?) who said that America had it coming because of all the damn gays and abortions and shit. These are Rudy’s guys! Who’s dumb enough to vote for more of this? Oh, I know you have it in you, America! Too too well.


Andrew Sullivan on this meeting of the minds:

It doesn’t surprise me that he sees eye to eye with Giuliani. They are very similar characters. The fusion of Giuliani’s authoritarianism with Robertson’s Christianism is indeed one future path for the GOP. It is enlightening to me to witness two very similar politicians sink their differences to forge that new, fascistic direction.


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