Democrats Losing The War


The War on Christmas, that is! (We call it “Xmas” here at The Booze Cab offices! No we don’t, we call it “Godless Giftdom and Gomorrah!”) Ah, we kid, we kid…

But really, I thought the Dems had taken over. I thought liberal activist judges would have taken care of this problem by now! Don’t tell me O’Reilly is wrong! Don’t tell me (insert random right-wing nutjob here) is wrong about this! The Christ will be taken out of the Mas, by God! I know it worked last year, didn’t it? Christmas was defeated in the Great War of ’05 quite handily from what I recall. One reason for that victory: no cut and run! Another: high troop levels! Or was it Poop levels?

Oh, I should stop then… That is a great scene though, isn’t it? I wish I could have caught it at night, I bet the neon nativity palm trees would have lit up the Florida night sky and given little Baby Jesus an unearthly glow. Little magical tiny neon Baby Jesus…


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