Damn You, PBR!

I started out with Stella, cuz we got free tickets, but then when that ran out I switched, rather unwisely, to PBR. Because it was free. You can’t ask for a bigger drop than Stella to PBR, it’s like taking a sip of fine wine and then diving into a vat of Boone’s Farm.

We played a “secret show” last night, secret only because we didn’t really promote it because we have a real show tomorrow night. And it was a birthday party. The Hushdrops played before us and opened up with an epic “Tommy” Who blast that was truly awesome. We also had some Who in our set, the beautiful “Melancholia” off of “The Who Sell Out,” along with the Coca-Cola jingle that comes before it (I prefer Pepsi!).

It was lots of fun but yes, the brain feels a little unhappy. All that PBR. Christ, what a shitty beer! Damn you, PBR…damn you straight to hell!


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