Daaa Friggin Bears

So this is what happens here. The Bears get rid of Kyle Orton and he becomes the undefeated QB of the Broncos. They get rid of Cedric Benson and he suddenly becomes a real running back for the Bengals. Thomas Jones to the Jets, Bernard Berrian to the Vikings…is it not obvious that there is something wrong with the offensive philosophy on the Bears?

These are good players who are unable to perform well because the team insists on this conservative mindset (yes, I am against conservatism in football too!). Devin Hester would be a star on any other team, but here he gets a few passes and lights up when he gets to return a kick. He can outrun anyone in the league! But hey, slow down, we don’t want to get him integrated into our system too quickly. The Bears are a running team that can’t run! And now they have a QB who can really throw but for some reason looks pretty shaky at times, like Rex Grossman did before him.

What a system. Where good players come to die. I wouldn’t bet against Grossman coming back one day and lighting it up for another team. This is what happens here.


Just saw this article about Orton and Favre-haters. I’ve never had much good to say about Favre but right now he looks as good as I ever remember seeing him. There is and was only one real reason I didn’t like him: he played for the Packers. For whatever reason, Favre as a Viking is not the same. Maybe it’s because they haven’t beat the Bears yet. I mean, they haven’t played the Bears yet. I’ll update my feelings after that happens.

As for Orton, I am rooting for him. I want him and the Broncos to go undefeated. I am pro-Orton! His success only makes me angry at the Bears, for not realizing it, or tapping into it. And when I say “angry” I mean not really mad but sports-talk mad, which is just silly and not real, and merely an escape from reality. Like booze.


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