Crash Test Radio

I traveled over to the Merchandise Mart yesterday to join The Assembly and Sunday Morning Chameleon at the Q101 studios for a little interview to promote our show Thursday night at the Empty Bottle. The interview was recorded and then played last night at 11, so you can’t hear it (and I didn’t either), but here is the playlist. Milk at Midnight, Eddie Vedder, Beck, Queens of the Stone Age . . . a nice mix! The show is called Crash Test Radio and it’s NOT a local show, which makes me happy to be a part of it. Local shows are such bullshit. I remember hearing our band on a local show for the first time and it was pretty cool; now I know that it doesn’t mean shit. I’ve never heard such awful music as what I’ve heard on local shows.

But I digress. The interview was cool and then I hung out with Sweet Baby Jane for a bit and got the inside scoop at The Loop (they’re in the same studios); met Norm Van Lier; and looked for the Rock Girl, to no avail. Just another day in the glamorous life of the almost semi-famous.


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