Coming Down the Mountain!

We hit D-Town Wednesday night before driving out west to Crested Butte the next morning, just barely getting through the mountains before the snow hit. It was funny because as we drove we were thinking that maybe there wasn’t going to be much for skiing, but when it started–about near Gunnison or a little before–we had no idea it wouldn’t stop again until sometime on Saturday.

The Bears game was just starting as we got into Crested Butte and by the time we had found the place, unpacked the car, and called around for a bar with the game on it was halftime. The place had a giant projection screen TV, big as the wall, and we sat on the couch and watched the second half (Grossman out?!?) as the Bears sucked all the life out of their season. And I do mean sucked.

At least they had ping pong and pool and chicken wings and beer, so we had fun anyway, and by the time we got out of there the snow had really piled up. We hit the mountain the next day and it was just insane. The powder was so deep and untouched that us less experienced skiers and snowboarders were screwed. It was still snowing too, so visibility was shit and we fell our way down the mountain, getting stuck in huge piles and having a miserable time of it. We retired to the lodge quickly and started drinking.

It snowed all that day and night–Thursday through Saturday–and at the place we were staying in the windows were getting covered and it started to feel like it would never stop. We had put a big cooler outside on the porch when we got there the first night and by Saturday it was lost in the snow. I had planted a few Coors outside and dug into the bottom of the pile to retrieve them, it was like a friggin’ beer commercial.

We went skiing again on Saturday and things were much better. It was still snowing but the slopes were a little packed down and it made for the most perfect conditions we had ever skied in. It was soft but not totally powdery and much easier to fly down the mountain without fear. Saturday was redemption for the once-a-year skiers!

We walked around Crested Butte Saturday night and Good Morning, America was there to film some Christmas tree lighting. There were all kinds of people walking around in costumes and kids in sleds and indians and Santa Claus and stuff. Not sure when that’ll be on the show but I can’t say I’ve ever watched it anyway.

In all there were 52 inches of snow in 48 hours and 81 inches of snow in the past 7 days in Crested Butte, but when we woke up on Sunday it was blue skies and we drove back to Denver with relative ease. The roads were icy but the mountain passes were open and it could have been a whole lot worse. A lot of those roads were closed for the couple of days we were in CB, so we got lucky coming back as we headed to the airport for our flight Sunday night. Only a 20 minute delay on the flight back to Chicago, which was pretty amazing since I saw that over 400 flights were canceled yesterday.

We got in late, and in order to keep this upbeat and end on a positive note I will withhold the adventures of the world class city of Chicago’s famous transit system for another post. Many pictures and stuff to come.


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