Chicago’s Finest

Faithful readers, you know I’ve had my problems with authority in the past (they always win), but I’m older now, and so much more wiser. I stayed out of the clink in Mexico and my record is clean (over the past ten years at least!). So today, when I innocently stood outside the post office waiting to cross the street, well, my patience and my resolve were tested. Let me explain:

A Chicago cop pulled up right in front of me and got out of his car as I stood waiting. He parked illegally of course to run into the post office, because that’s what they do. He glanced at me and, seeing my Obama button, said to me, unsmiling, “You’ve got the wrong button there, guy.” Completely unprovoked, out of the blue, asshole comment.

Now, in the old days, I would have probably shot back something along the lines of “Eat it, pig” or something similar/more vile. But not today. I merely smiled and said “That’s our next president” as he kept walking up the stairs. Nothing more, no back and forth, despite the grim look on his face.

My secondary instinct, the one that used to rule the brain, was to deface his squad car or flip him off or ramp up the insults. But no. I walked to my car across the street and waited to pull out in traffic. As I saw an opening I readied to do a U-turn but at the last moment the cop had returned to his car and was pulling out right in front of me, the opposite way. Change of plans. I pulled out and gave him a nice smile and we drove off in different directions. That lousy no-good piggy.


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