Chicago Style

I had heard this before but forgot about it til now: did you know that Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari is the basis for Ari Gold in “Entourage”? That is hilarious. I love it. Rahm is a real ballbuster, eh? Republicans are really going to hate him. Chicago’s coming to Washington, MFer’s! Ha ha ha! Hide yer nuts!

Another tidbit: do you realize that the Democrats have won the popular vote in four of the last five elections? Add in Bush’s narrow 2004 victory and you have no visible sign that America is or ever was the conservative country that Fox News thinks it is. We are, after all this, a moderate, socially liberal country that gets real defensive when people fuck with us. A little too insecure in the middle, if you ask me.

So what, exactly, is the problem with gay marriage?


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