Change We Can Believe In

It’s on. After mostly ignoring the political foreplay that has been going on for the past year or so–way, way too long–it is finally here, and so here am I. Ten months of this is more than enough, and I had no desire to get worked up about anything before we hit 2008, but now Iowa has done its little town hall caucus thing and Obama has won–alright!

Still a long way to go, and anything can happen, but this is quite a start for Mr. Obama. I am pleased. Now watching him come out and give his speech on every channel (non-cable tv) it feels like something big is happening. It finally feels real. It feels good. I am genuinely excited about Barack Obama and the possibilities that come with his candidacy.

Now he’s talking of the audacity of hope in his speech. One of the few Republicans I know (yes, I know one or two) mentioned Obama’s idealism as the reason she didn’t like him. Too much hope. Too little fear, I imagine. That says more about her and her kind than I care to add to.

And as for the Republican side? Nice! Huckabee is the perfect nut for today’s GOP. He reminds me of Nixon, but with much less substance, and tons more Jesus.

Final note: I’ll admit that, for what must be the first time ever in Booze Cabinet history, I appear to be wrong about something! Rudy Guiliani has been such a failure as a candidate that he may never be heard from again, and that surprises me. I thought for sure he would be the winner going away and I am shocked so far at his poor showing (I know, it’s still early). Quite frankly, I’m glad he is falling back because I still think he would stand a fair chance in a national election. The fear crowd eats his shit up. Have you heard the one about 9/11? Of course you have.


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