Cat Sandwich

Woke up in a cat sandwich, I was the meat with two cat buns on either side. Actually, that would make it a Me sandwich. Let the day begin…

To follow up on my thoughts about V For Vendetta…I can’t claim to know anything more about the graphic novel that inspired it besides what I saw in the special features, but the film itself contained sometimes not-so-subtle parallels to both the Bush Regime and Fox News, which I found to be quite amusing/alarming (the original story was apparently based on Margaret Thatcher’s reign in the 80’s). Of course, the depictions are extreme, fascist in nature, but the similarities remain: a too-powerful leader creating fear to keep a people in check while a pro-government news channel works in tandem, broadcasting propaganda and lies to a cowering nation. There’s even a Bill O’Reilly character in there.

The challenge is to remain sympathetic to V, the terrorist/hero who blows up buildings and kills, discriminately, in order to overthrow the Nazi-like leaders, but quite honestly I had no trouble with that. In the battle of anarchy vs. fascism, you know where I stand; it’s where all freedom-loving people should stand, unafraid of their government and willing to bring it down when necessary. But look, this is a film, a cartoon, a graphic novel, and as I said, an extreme version of the current situation as I see it (Bush is NOT Hitler! That’s right, I said it!). This does not mean, of course, that they should not be brought down as well; just perhaps with different methods.


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