Can’t Take Another Step in These Funeral Shoes

Kristin Hersh’s tweets read like one of her songs after the death of Vic Chesnutt:

he’s gone…so much to go away in a moment / i’m shattered…i loved him so much

none of this is real / the moon’s moving…racing across the sky

it’s like a bad dream / can’t take another step in these funeral shoes

I haven’t had much use for Twitter but I’ve been checking in with her since I heard the news and it has kind of been like being there. I’ve always been a big fan of Hersh since forever, and many years back I saw Vic Chesnutt open up for Bob Mould at Metro. I had no idea they were so closely connected until now though.

the last thing vic said to me was “i miss you so much” the last thing i said to him was “sorry you’re cold”



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