Bush’s First Day: 9/12/01

I’m loading up here, it’s a big post Friday. Now this one really blows my mind. Not that Giuliani said it, but that the interviewer let him say it without any response. No follow-up. No incredulous “Ummm, what?!?” No “hold on a minute, you are clearly wrong.” Giuliani’s not the first right-winger to make this claim, that there were no attacks under Bush, but how can someone sit there and allow it? Especially when it’s Giuliani, the man who was actually there on 9/11!

And the interviewer in this case? George Stephanopoulos. Man, you gotta be kidding me! Guy leaves the Sunday talk show gig for Good Morning, America and leaves his soul behind. And his balls.


Stephanopoulos bravely took to his blog to declare Giuliani wrong after the interview. That’s journalism! I’m sure that George’s blog has at least one-tenth the audience that GMA has. Whatta useless dick.


Now this is what I like to see–action! George heard me and has responded:

All of you who have pointed out that I should have pressed him on that misstatement in the moment are right.  My mistake, my responsibility.


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