Wow. You’d think I knew something. We got Candy’s Room! We got Spirit in the Night from Asbury Park! We even got Thunder Road, which they haven’t played in five years. Full setlist here. It was pretty different from the night before, besides the new songs, which were a little lame but what can you do. I thought it unusual, but he did Darlington County, keeping the line “Our pa’s each own one of the World Trade Centers/for a kiss and smile I’ll give mine all to you.” Seems like that song might need an update, and I fully expected him to throw in a Chicago reference (Sears Tower!), but I guess rhyming takes precedence.

Other highlights: Prove It All Night, She’s the One, Tunnel of Love (kind of a guilty pleasure for me), Badlands, and the obligatory but still awesome Born to Run with the lights up just like they did the first time I saw them. We sat on an angle behind the stage (see seating chart below!) and it was great. The sound was pretty good too, which is unusual for the United Center, and while we were close enough to see everything there was also a screen staring right at us with close-ups.

Other thoughts: Little Steven Van Zant has to work pretty hard to make me forget Silvio. Actually, it doesn’t work; he IS Silvio. Patty Scialfa? I’ve never got that. Both as a backup singer and a wife to Bruce, I think he can do better. Sorry, had to say it. Max Weinberg and Max Weinberg 7? He can quit his day job. The United Center beers for $7.75? Utter bullshit!


This editorial in the Tribune makes me want to go back to the Empty Bottle and drink cheap beer with Scout Niblett and be young. Yes, there were a lot of old farts high-fiving each other and generally acting like dorks at Springsteen, and that editorial sounds like it was written by one of them. In fact, we made fun of the air guitarists and air drummers throughout the night, big balding guys usually, who had no sense of rhythm. They would yell “Brooooooce!” and we would yell “Booo! You suck!” just for fun. But yeah, I never was much of an arena rocker.


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