Bruises Bigger Than Dinner Plates

Oh, is this sweet. Radiohead, continuing their beautiful promotional assault, cover The Smiths’ “Headmaster Ritual” (and lots other stuff) on something called I love this song. In fact, this weekend I got my record player fixed and Meat is Murder was the…second album I played, the first being Robyn Hitchcock’s Eye. How happy am I, to have my records back? Oh, so happy. I drove around for a while trying to find any little joint on Fullerton or wherever that might fix my turntable but then remembered the place where I had gotten a needle replaced years ago on Chicago Ave. and hit it. There he was! My guy!

The place was filled with electronic junk and cassettes and VHS tapes and boomboxes and tons of shit that will never sell, and he was sitting with his wife watching a tiny black and white television. Who ever goes in here? I put my turntable on the counter and he looked at it and went back and found the right rubber band thing and put it on. It took about 5 seconds. I asked how much do I owe you? and he said “it’s $25, for you, 20.” You need a guy? I got a guy.

The drive back home was torturous bliss, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to hook it up and I was yelling and singing along with the radio. I went down and got it going and then looked through the records, trying to decide what should be first. Ah, yes, Eye. Such a great album, sad and goofy and beautiful. I bought that album in Madison, Wisconsin after a long trip up north to see an old girlfriend. So worth it. The album, not the girl.

Anyway, the second album (or was it the third?) was Meat is Murder, and Joe Jackson’s Night and Day was on the table too. I’ve only just begun to rediscover my collection, all those Pete Townsend solo albums and R.E.M. and John Lennon and B-52s.

Anyway, this Radiohead thing on Stereogum is fantastic, they cover New Order’s “Ceremony” too, and the new songs, and all kinds of shit. YouTubes and mp3s at that link.


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