Big Bill

President Bill Clinton was supposed to be signing his new book at Borders on Michigan at 11:30, so I walked over there a little before 12 (the man is always late) and sure enough, he showed up not too long after. The crowds gathered outside were pretty huge and when he stepped out of the car everyone cheered. I snapped a couple of pix but nothing too great; I’ll see if I can doctor them up and put one here later this weekend or something.

Anyway, he waved and then walked quickly inside, surrounded by cops and SS. I went inside Borders just to check out the situation but the line was huge, starting in the basement and going up to the third floor where he was signing. Apparently you needed a ticket, and the book, of which I had neither, and someone said it sold out. So that was that, and I walked back and got some lunch. It was cool to see him anyway, our last real President.


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