An interesting column by Eric Zorn today on Barack Obama’s middle name. As people who know me well could attest, I don’t like to live in the past and certainly do not like to relive high school. Which is why I find this whole thing so ridiculous, and yet par for the course when it comes to the right-wing smear jobs. Really, the kind of people who think that calling him by his middle name “Hussein” will somehow hurt his chances are exactly the kind of people who never got past the high school level of insults.

It’s like when someone calls Bill Clinton “BJ Clinton.” Huh, huh, ha, ha. Jefferson is his middle name, what’s the problem, dude? The bell just rang and you’re late for shop class, Beavis.

Anyone who has a problem with Obama’s middle name because it sounds too “Muslim-y” were not going to vote for him anyway. So let’s just leave these people in their little box and move on with it.


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