Beagle Update

We’ve spent a few nights recording vocals at the Prize Beagle Studios, the last being Monday night. We will return tonight to listen and possibly, hopefully, close the books on this session of recordings. We also had Mr. Scott Judd in the studios a few weeks ago to record a banjo part on a song called “The Leaning Tower of Astigmatism.” The riffs he came up with will stick in your brain, I can assure you. The song is epic–an ode to bad eyesight and even worse paranoia.

To review: we recorded a total of eight songs, including the aforementioned “Leaning Tower;” “Days of Chastity and Continence (not in rioting and drunkenness),” a plea against abstinence; “Less Love, More Acid,” about the American Dream as seen through the shadow of war and acid; “Kristol Ball,” which should effectively end Bill’s career; “Lost Highway,” a David Lynch tribute song; “Argument to End the World,” which is about two children fighting; “TM,” which is about a very evil person; and “Crushing the Bouquet,” a prom night power-rock-death-ballad.

We also recorded some other stuff that probably won’t go anywhere, a re-recording of an old song (“Wait for No One”), and an instrumental that may become an actual song some day. We have a couple of other new songs that we need to work on that we will try and record in the next sessions, along with a possible cover and another cover for a compilation album, to be determined. So that’s where we’re at.


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