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Tonight we go in for another session at the Prize Beagle Recording Studio, and yet, I have not posted about last week’s brief encounter. We went in on Tuesday night after work and it was to be all about me and my guitar. We got to it and I was feeling good, as it was a holiday night and no work the next day. First up we did the song “Argument to End the World,” which I played a mostly clean guitar on and hope to still add an acoustic (I hope to add a lot of acoustic guitar to these tracks, in general). A couple of takes and we were done, and so on to the next song, “Kristol Ball.” Pretty straightforward part for me and so I laid that down easy and we were rolling.

Then came the news that the band that owns/uses the studio needed to come in for some emergency patchwork, some kind of freak-out that needed to be addressed, so our time was short. So we started in on “Lost Hi-Way” (still not sure if that will be “Hi-Way” or “Highway”), and for this one I loaded my guitar up heavy with the MXR pedal, ready to rock. This song has a ridiculous time signature that has never made any sense to me. It apparently makes perfect sense to Rick and Eric, but for me, the vocals and the guitar are following no pattern whatsoever, and so I rarely know when the song is going back into the verses. It’s a guess every time, unless I can see Eric and get the “signal.”

(I am not sure at all, but I think that if I had to put it in numbers, it would look like this: 4 – 4 – 9 – 4 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 4 – 6. Take that, DaVinci.)

Eric had already recorded the drum part, of course, and was not there, so after a dizzyingly confusing take in which I got completely lost, Adam and Rick had to give me the signal from the control room. I think we were on the third take when one of the band members walked in the door, just as we had started recording. After a stoppage in play we asked her to wait outside, and the pressure was now on. I had to hit it. Time was almost up.

I took a mighty swig of PBR (my least favorite beer of all-time) and we rolled tape. First verse, boom, chorus, second verse, chorus, boom, break, rock heavy, third verse, chorus and boom! Done! With the pressure on and the clock ticking I hit it. Or at least, I think I did. We’ll find out for sure when we listen back again. But it sounded good that night. Anyway, that was it, we were done for the night, and it was only 8 o’clock or so. A good, quick night of recording.

Tonight we return for more guitar histrionics and hopefully more time to finish up. The MaM Sessions continue at Prize Beagle, and we’ll be back with more…Behind the Music, sponsored by, ugh, oof, burp…PBR.


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