Back in the Low Life Again

Well, I’m not gonna do that every night. Very tired today, a little hungover–unjustifiably, by the way–and down but not out. Went to a couple of bars last night, one was a little too crowded and the other was alright, although a DJ played throughout, so we never heard the broadcast. It’s a tough situation: sports bars suck and cool bars usually don’t have the game on and old man bars look at you funny and they’re all too crowded now anyway, with the cable bullshit and the general popularity of the Cubs.

I blame the High Life for my hangover. I waited til gametime before I started drinking and kept it pretty light, but today it’s like I went on a full-on bender. Took my vitamins and three Advils and waiting for relief.

I may just gather ’round the hi-fi and listen to Ron and Pat on the radio tonight like it was the Roaring 20’s. Let’s get this thing back on track and bring it home!


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