Another Night at the Beagle

I stayed late at work yesterday only to find that the doors lock at 5:30, and me without a key (lesson learned: never stay late!). Luckily someone came and let me out and I walked down the street to the Prize Beagle Studio and locked up my bike.

We were supposed to meet up at 6 but things were running late so I had time to kill. I walked around the Chicago/State area listening to tunes and taking pictures of churches and full moons until finally I got cold and decided to take refuge. I walked into Streeters Tavern on Chicago and took a seat at the bar. I asked for the cheap-ass beer and they offered Bud Light or some such crap and then I saw the chalkboard that said Foster’s was $4. Not exactly cheap-ass, but what the hell?

The bartender poured me a pint of the Australian beer and I took a sip. Shite! No wonder I had not one drop of Foster’s when I was Down Under. Actually, it tasted like the tap had not been run in a long time, and the beer had that yeasty flavor that makes me want to stick my head in the mouth of a crocodile. I drank anyway, the whole time contemplating whether I should ask the bartender for something else. It didn’t feel right though, and as the beer got lower and lower I knew I had passed the point of no return.

Finally I got the call and left a third of the beer on the bar and walked down to the studio, where I opened the door to find Rick stuffing the fridge with delicious Busch beer. Never tasted better, this Busch.

Down to business, we settled in front of the TV and watched the World Series for a while, but it was clear after the first inning that the Roggies had been gathering dust for too long. Adam worked on “TM,” which now has the official name of “Tiffany Meyers,” and we got the vocals just right. Rick had to throw a guitar part on “Greatest of the World,” which he did through a tiny Peavey amp and a fuzz box. Then we watched more of the debacle as the Red Sox took it to ’em and Rick and I explained to Eric what the “Green Monster” was.

More mixing then, as Adam worked on “Lost Highway,” using some real freaky shit that had us all thinking we’d been dosed. All in all, we have rough mixes of most of the songs, but still need to get it down to the nitty gritty. A new song has been named “Promisekeepers,” and “Crushing the Bouquet” is better than expected, from my view; it should be out in time for the King of Hearts Dance, if not Prom.


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