All the News That’s Fit to Print

The Sun-Times is having all kinds of problems, laying people off and actually making the paper smaller, and I am to blame. Yes, it’s true, I gave up printed news. The credit card expired and the Sun-Times bill came saying that it didn’t go through and then I just didn’t bother to renew with the new card. It’s over. Done.

That was a few months ago, actually. I still read the Sun-Times and the Tribune online (OK, I get the Tribune Sunday paper delivered still), but the days of getting the paper off the doorstep are over. I thought I would miss it more, but I don’t.

Then yesterday I went out and bought a New York Times. I read it online pretty regularly but having the entire Sunday paper in my hands was a new experience. And let me say, this paper is so far superior to anything else I have read. There is just so much in there– I’m still reading it. Even with the hiring of Kristol, it’s still the best there is, although it helped to have the Public Editor explain why they did such a silly thing in an editorial titled “He May Be Unwelcome, but We’ll Survive“:

Of the nearly 700 messages I have received since Kristol’s selection was announced — more than half of them before he ever wrote a word for The Times — exactly one praised the choice…This is not a person I would have rewarded with a regular spot in front of arguably the most elite audience in the nation…This is a decision I would not have made.

Hard to argue with his honesty. Kristol deserves to feel unwelcome, just as he deserves to be mocked for his error-filled columns and thoughts (his very first column already contains a correction and was typically wrong in its content). I wouldn’t have made that decision either–why hire someone who is always wrong about everything?–but the Editor is right, they’ll survive long after Mr. Kristol has been laughed out of town.


Editor & Publisher on NYT Public Editor’s column:

In a message that probably is not going down well in The New York Times’ front office…



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