All the Facts / Under Attack

Bill Kristol is the gift that keeps on re-gifting itself. I see where Andy Sullivan went back and re-read Kristol Ball’s book from just a few years ago–man, would I feel dumb if I had that on my bookshelf–and not surprisingly, his shit is all wrong wrong wrong!

its tone and content are shockingly off-base, and most of its core assertions and arguments categorically refuted by history. In fact, it would be very hard to think of a piece of analysis so riddled with misconceptions and errors and so self-evidently wrong in almost every respect only five years later.

How is this man on television and in print on a regular basis, getting paid to spout his always-wrong bullshit? It’s quite amazing. He must…know people? Ah, that’s it. Sullivan follows up:

Look: we all get things wrong. But that means a responsibility to set them right. Has Kristol ever publicly acknowledged or taken responsibility for these flatly wrong assertions of his, assertions that led to a war that gave us the slaughter, ethnic cleansing, torture and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people?

Nope, he’s just like his president.


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