All of Florida, May You Settle in the Belly of Godzilla

Oh yeah, I think this is going to happen. I think the Marlins have been very brave and noble, and when they lose today, they’re going to die with respect. They will be humiliated today, but they’ll have earned everlasting honor for what they’ve done these last two days, and the previous three games. I feel very good about this thing, and I have all year.

At least we will have Bill Murray being funny if the Cubs don’t do this. But goddammit, this is killing me! I mean, come on! This last-place Marlins team is a force! Nine in a row they’ve beaten us? Why won’t they just lie down like good fish? It’s already 3-1 in the 3rd, for kee-rist-sakes! I have tried to remain calm these past few weeks but on the inside it is a swirling, churning mess. And they have to go to Cincy after this? Stock up the Booze Cabinet . . . it could get ugly. What a sick sick, awful place this Miami is, and all of Florida, everyone, scourge of a nation, scum, slime, menace to society . . .

Will you be going to Cincy to follow them?

I’ve never gone to Cincy, and I was trying to keep that record intact, but I may have to go.


Ugh. Whew!


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