Aliens and Jesus

The Nitz and I made it home last night with the $inner close behind, as we drove the empty roads back home from a gig in Chicago Ridge. The am radio offered us some interesting voices, but none as inspiring as the nutball on either 890 or 560, I can’t remember, who was raving on about extraterrestrials and Jesus. Utch was passing out but I kept a firm hand on the wheel, maneuvering my resilient and revamped Honda into 5th gear and up to 60 mph with barely a whimper. You need a muffler guy? I got one. You need a tire guy? I got one. How about an oil change? I got the place. This car rides like a dream! As I said to Utch, if I got the brakes fixed, and the oil leak fixed, and the radio fixed, this car would be like new. With the catalytic converter and muffler that I bought this baby is feeling good! And then we took a turn and something creaked and groaned like it does and I added that to the list. It was like “The Jerk:” That’s all I need. I don’t need one other thing fixed…oh, I need this! And that’s all I need. Not one other…except this! That’s it!

Anyway, it was all aliens and Jesus the way home, and I was cheering him on. Every time he said something completely insane I would pump my fist and then he would top it by saying something even nuttier. It was awesome. I love those shows, they’re even more fun than the angry conservative shows with tiny munchkin voices raging at the state of the world. Go get ’em, buddy! Yeah! You. Are. Outraged!

I hit a wall today at work. Tired again. But it’s Friday, so let’s get on with it! Unfortunately, not at home, so no beer or booze pictures to fortify the day. Make your own. Four hours to go. Think of aliens and Jesus and it will all make sense soon.


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