Alaska–It’s Like The Road Warrior With Snow!

First, I watched Bill Clinton on Dave last night and I thought he was pretty good. Wait, be honest. I watched it and thought “Damn, he’s good.” He talked over Dave’s (and my) head about the financial crisis and he was just…well, there’s no one better. He’s smart. He can talk, and talk, and talk, about this stuff for a lot longer than the short time allotted, that much is apparent. I would, indeed, vote for him again in a second, if it was at all possible. He is light years ahead of every other politician, except for, maybe, Barack Obama; in that case he is only about eight or nine years ahead. With good reason.

Second, yes, he struggled to even mention Obama’s name while championing Hillary and her many ideas numerous times. It was obvious. And so when Chris Rock came out after him and sat down with Dave, he was flat-out hilarious and dead-on. Watch that vid, it’s great. So, what can you do? Clinton is a biased observer. He should get over it and come out strongly for Obama, and I suspect that he will eventually. But Chris Rock handed it to him nicely. Hilarious Palin jokes.

Speaking of the Vice-Presidential Gimmick, here’s The Twelve Lies of Sarah Palin. Twelve basic, proven lies that we know for sure she has told (there’s still so much more to learn about her!). It’s kind of like Christmas, without all the joy.


Just one further thought: why is it that Dave Letterman, and to a lesser extent the women of The View, have presided over the most interesting, informative, and substantive interviews of this election season? It’s not that hard to ask questions of relevance now, is it?


That other great interviewer, Jon Stewart, had Bill Clinton on last night (I haven’t forgotten about Charlie Rose, but he hasn’t had these people on lately!). You be the judge. Once again, I could listen to these guys talk all night. You will never hear any Bush, or Cheney, or Dole or any other Republican sit and speak like this. By that I mean, intelligently, or with humor, or with anything resembling coherency. That’s because the real elitists sit in that party and have no idea how to have this conversation.


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