A Stern Reminder

I’m back on the Howard Stern wagon, listening to the show at work every day, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of my Atlanta office (Corbett!). Hopefully this is just because it’s summer, but Stern has been on vacation two of the three weeks I’ve listened. I heard him interview Wesley Willis today from 1996, which was interesting, but I prefer the live shows. Come on, Howie, get back to work!

Last week Stern was on live and, thanks to MarksFriggin.com, I can give you this brief summary, if only to explain a point that must be made:

Howard started off the show saying that he was listening to the replay on Friday and they were talking about the war in Iraq and how proud he was of President Bush back then. He said he had to turn off the radio because he was sickened by what he was saying. Robin said she had to apologize to a few people about what she had said back then too. They said that Bush lied back then and they were fooled into thinking that they should have been over there in Iraq.

Artie said that Bush and those guys played off their emotions and made us think that they had to do it. He said everyone wanted blood back then and that was why people were for it back then. Howard said that the show was making him sick. Artie said he likes that Howard didn’t run from that stuff and it was good to replay it to remind people that we were lied to.

Howard said he was so upset with himself that he had to turn off the radio. Artie said that he remembers what was going on back then and how he wanted blood thinking about all of the people jumping out of the World Trade Center not wanting to be burned.

Howard said he almost called in to interrupt that show to explain why he was thinking that way back then. He took a call from a guy who said that it was very strange to listen to that show. He said that people were thinking like that back then. Howard said that Barack Obama saw through it back then though. He said that guy didn’t think we should be there at the time. Howard said you can’t cut that shit out of the old shows even though he’d like to.

I reprint this only to say that I was listening to Howard during those days, and I was so appalled by their support that I turned it off. For a good part of that year, maybe longer, I stayed away because I was embarrassed to be listening to what I considered then to be such idiotic views. Eventually Howard came around and got wise and I resumed listening, but for a while there I really was looking around going “What is wrong with everyone?” Because that’s how it was. I’ve never listened to Stern for his politics but this was just so unfunny to me, especially coming from New Yorkers who should know better. It was very disappointing at the time.

Anyway, now that everyone has come to their senses and the world prepares to move on, I urge all Rush Limbaugh listeners to turn off their radios for a moment, or a year, and think for themselves, and consider that maybe everything you’ve thought was right for all these years is actually, in fact, wrong. Because it is, you know.


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