A Sex Scandal In Washington D.C.? Oh, The Horror…

Is that what it takes to get rid of the Republican party? A sex scandal? Forget that Iraq is a mess that never should have happened and Afghanistan is a mess that never should have been abandoned and forget that North Korea is a mess that happened while the other messes shouldn’t have happened…forget the bad policies that should have tossed George Bush out of office in 2004. Nope, says the brilliant base of conservative voters that stuck us with 6 years of ineptitude, the 51%, oops, the 33%, whatever it is today, let’s just call them the Mindless Majority and the Religious Wrong and the Loyalists and the Apologists, and let’s just call them Mind-Numblingly Stupid.

Everything has changed now. A sex scandal and a closeted gay man (not anymore!) and some creepiness for sure but nothing illegal as of yet and well, that’s just a little more than your average Christian mom in DuPage county can handle. Mark Foley likes boys and so that’s it, no vote for the GOP! Oh, the waterboarding by American troops at Gitmo, that was all fine and dandy, but a gay man IM-ing a page?

Jesus-fucking-Mel-Gibson-on-a-Passion-of-the-Christ-souvenir-cross-necklace, that is unacceptable!

Sorry, but as much as I love to see the Republican party flounder and flail about in the wake of this scandal, I don’t for one second feel the moral outrage toward Foley that some hypocrites might have. I don’t care about other people’s sex lives. It’s definitely weird, and if it’s illegal then it steps into a whole other realm, but I’m not sure that it is. No one seems to be sure of anything just yet. The age of consent is 16 in D.C., so he’s got that going for him. But it is the cover-up and the irony of Foley’s history as a lawmaker that is the real story. Even with all of that, I find it hard to care. This is what it takes? Not everything else before it? How stupid and childish (no pun intended) are we, to get worked up over a sex scandal while all along the real scandal has been right before our eyes? It’s called the Presidency of George W. Bush, the most disastrous we will hopefully ever see in our lifetimes.

For years I/we have been saying “Someone give Bush a blowjob,” the joke being that that is what it would take to bring him down, as opposed to Everything Else. It is too late for that, unfortunately, but how sad is it that this will ring true in the November elections for the rest of the Republican party? Still a nation of prudes unable to grasp the reality that lies beneath the surface: for all of the policies of this administration that have failed and failed again, it is a 52 year-old gay man that will put the GOP out of power, most likely. Oh, what a fucking horror.

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