A Healthy Dose of Booty at the Beagle

Last night we headed back over to the Prize Beagle Recording Studio for some more rock and roll adventures. We listened back to what we had so far, and made notes on what other bells and whistles were necessary to make these songs rock our worlds. There are still only scratch vocals on the tracks and I have yet to throw any acoustic guitars on there, but they are certainly sounding like there’s some meat on dem bones. I still have some other guitar stuff to add, some feedback here and there and other subtleties, but we decided to focus on Rick’s bass last night. We needed to put some booty into these songs. A nice big butt. A heavy bottom.

The Cubs game was playing on the giant t.v. and so we watched them come from behind and win again as we took breaks in between songs. There was much debating about hockey and basketball, football and baseball, and we were glad that at least we weren’t getting too gay with ourselves. There was no talk of weight issues or anything.

Rick started putting some clean bass tracks down after an aborted wah pedal attempt. Actually, it was a volume pedal or something, a 221 perhaps, and it wasn’t happening, so we moved on. Inside joke: Adam suggested using an E550 or something or other for some part, and I was like “uh, what is that?” He was speaking about a hollow-body guitar but I had no clue, so it was “yeah, 220, 221, whatever it takes.” Hey, man, I just play, don’t give me numbers!

Anyway, where was I? Rick was laying down clean bass tracks and I started getting real tired. I had nothing to do really, and so after a couple of beers (Old Style) my lids got heavy. Earlier, Eric and I had been sitting on the futon and we saw this giant thousand-legger come crawling up a guitar case. Whoa! Scary shit. This guy was huge! Later, when I got tired, I went back to the futon and that’s where I fell asleep, surely tempting the big bugger to crawl all over me. But I didn’t care. Rick’s amp was booming and he was standing right there playing and I just gave in to the zzz’s anyway. This guy, he can sleep through anything!

When I awoke it was time to wrap it up. The rains started falling and so we waited it out for a little bit before turning out the lights and going home. I have no idea what all was accomplished last night but I think it was a fair amount. Tonight, I rest, for once.

Next up: Thursday night (I think) we return for another night at Prize Beagle, charged up and ready for action.


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