Daniel Foley Higgins

• Experienced writer and editor with project management skills.
• Diverse editing and writing experience for financial companies, non-profit associations, global marketing agencies and small design firms.
• Independent and reliable, with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• AP Style, CMS, SEO, MS Office. 


Some Plastic City Beyond

There’s a story I wrote up at The Drum Literary Magazine called “Some Plastic City Beyond” (April 2016). It’s an all-audio magazine, so you just listen to it. Runs about 11-12 minutes long. Here’s what they said:

In the pauses and the cadences of Daniel Higgins’ dialogue-intense “Some Plastic City Beyond,” you’ll hear the wistfulness and the care of two former lovers meeting again by accident in a city where neither is at home. In this brief story, we come to know this young couple intimately, through their particular sadnesses and hesitations.

First There’ll Be Fire, Then There’ll Be Water

Short story published in the Curbside Splendor Publishing E-Zine, Jan. 1, 2014.

Other Writing

From Here to Paris

The terrible week started with the slowly unfolding news from an old friend, someone who I had not spoken to in over 20 years, maybe longer. Since high school. But now, with social media everything old was new again. This, however, was not the kind of reunion I was hoping for.

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Examiner.com Interview: Mr. Grassroots on Obama, Alinsky, and the Chicago Way (2012)


John Presta is the community organizer that Republicans have nightmares about. In fact, he wrote the book on it. Presta is the author of Mr. and Mrs. Grassroots: How Barack Obama, Two Bookstore Owners and 300 Volunteers Did It, an account of Obama’s ascent to the presidency from the ground up.

Examiner.com Travel Writing (2011-2012)

Travel writing for Examiner.com. From Michigan to Utah, Colorado to North Carolina, read these brief capsules on places to go and see. See link to pdf below.


The Emergency Demos

This 11-song collection by alterego Daniel Doom was released in 2018. Available for free streaming or download on Bandcamp.

Odds and SCMODs by Milk at Midnight

Odds and SCMODs

Milk at Midnight presents…Odds and SCMODS, a four-song EP of previously unreleased tracks. Available for free streaming or download on Bandcamp.